Monday July 27, 2020

Both Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa achieved important feats for their teams after years without success. In the case of the German, he won the Premier League after 30 years of waiting and the Argentine rose to the category of honor after 16 years away.

The English Football Coaches Association awarded Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa as the best coaches in the Premier League and Championship respectively. The award is presented to the most voted strategists by their own peers from each competition.

Given this, Marcelo Bielsa, coach of the champion team of the English promotion, Leeds, sent words of thanks through a video published on the club’s social networks.

« I want to thank the award that they give me, for me it has a special value because it was decided by vote of the coaches of the teams that participate in the tournament that Leeds obtained. The fact that they are the ones who decide to highlight or reward my participation is very valuable to me, ”said Rosario.

In the closing of his speech, the Argentine strategist stated that “the greatest recognition is towards the players, who are the ones who assume the most difficult thing in football, which is to play, act, compete and in this case succeed. Coaches are always the product of the players we have to lead and in this case I want to emphasize my appreciation towards them. Also to the organization that rewards me ”.