“Kita + Bayat, it sells and argues”

Influential at FC Nantes, the famous agent, Mogi Bayat, spoke of his relationship with Waldemar Kita and the criticism he is the subject of with supporters.

If the anti-Kita sling has never been stronger since the arrival of the Franco-Polish businessman at the head of the formation of League 1, this would be in part because of the growing influence that Mogi Bayat enjoys among the Canaries according to some fans. In an interview with the daily L’Equipe, the Franco-Iranian agent spoke of his relations with the Nantes club.

“I have no power in FC Nantes

Involved in a large number of deals, arrivals, extensions and departures, within the French club, Mogi Bayat does not think he is a privileged one. “It will seem surprising to you, but I have no power at FC Nantes. I am a “supplier” to the club. I work for the club when I am called upon, ”said the sports representative. I play a role in a lot of clubs. And the role is very clear. I am an intermediary, as there are in many fields, with a large network, and the clubs benefit from this know-how. There are a lot of clubs where I am at least as active, but we do not talk about it or less. It obviously seems that Kita + Bayat is selling and controversial. “

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