Kit Harington and his wife Rose Leslie debut as dads

Kit Harington and his wife Rose Leslie have welcomed their first child. The actor couple is very happy with their newborn.

A supply trip was the perfect pretext for actors Kit Harington and Rose Leslie to take their baby outside for the first time; while they happily held hands.

In more recent days, it was Kit who went out walking her baby and dog even when it was a rainy and cloudy day in London.

The actor who recently appeared in the series “Modern Love” produced by Amazon, put on a harness to hold his son with confidence and not lose detail of his movements.

The actor who played Jon Snow in the well-known series “Game of Thrones” and his wife have not announced the name of their little one, but they have declared that they are very, very happy with his arrival.

Just like before the birth of her firstborn, Kit took her dog for a walk, whom she has had for over a year.

With the new haircut that made his Chinese disappear, his faithful companion and his son, he looks like a new man, ready to conquer the world in his next appearance in “The Eternals.”

According to IMDB, Harington will play Dane Whitman in the next Marvel movie; while we can see him as a superhero, it is possible to see him as a super dad.