Right now, the music world is doing its own thing in the face of the complex situation we are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, creating songs and putting together concerts so that they and we can distract ourselves for a while from all the information we see on News. However, in the midst of all the chaos, good things are happening as some are encouraged to release new tracks, such as the case of the Kings of Leon.

Almost four years after the release of his latest studio album, Walls, the Followill brothers and company are back and out the front door with a song called “Going Nowhere”, a song that remains as a ring to the finger for these days in which the vast majority are doing home office or outright quarantining at home, Well, the band members are doing exactly the same.

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Unlike the rock songs that the Kings of Leon have accustomed us to, this time they decided to save the distorted riff for another occasion, because in “Going Nowhere” they bring us an acoustic ballad where we only have Caleb Followill playing his guitar while singing a very melancholic lyrics with phrases like “I’m going nowhere, if you get the time. I’m going nowhere, with you on my mind … “or” I’m not going anywhere, if you have time. I’m not going anywhere, with you on my mind ”, which feels as if they are talking about all those who have had to get away from the people they love the most right now.

To accompany the song, They also released a small black and white video directed by Casey McGrath., a great friend of Kings Of Leon and who has been behind clips like “Pyro”, “Walls”, “Temple” or “Beautiful War” as well as the band’s documentary. In it we see Caleb Followill singing and playing the song while sitting in an armchair, as the shot progresses we are getting closer to the musician, generating a feeling of intimacy to end just in the plane where everything began. As if they were referring to the necessary distance we must take to avoid contagion.

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With a short message in the video description, They wished their fans to be safe and well as there will be time to see each other again. Without a doubt the return of the band is moving and emotional, around the coronavirus crisis, however that does not mean that we are excited to hear something new from them.

We better not tell you more, leave what you are doing and play next to the new Kings of Leon: