Kingdom Hearts It has already announced what the next game in the saga will be and, to everyone’s surprise, this will also be present on the hybrid console of the Great N. Thus, Melody of Memories It is a rhythmic game in which more than 140 songs and various game modes will be included, so those very lovers of the soundtrack of this saga will be more than willing to get a copy of it in the fall of this same year 2020. In this way, the English version of the trailer that we saw a few days ago in Japanese has now been shared, so that those who do not understand a word of the language of the country of the rising sun can better understand what is happening in it.

First English trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories

It has been through the official YouTube channel of the saga that we have now been able to see the first trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories, now in English. In this way, we can see (again, in case we already saw it in Japanese) that Sora and company will be able to play in different game modes, but it is also clearer to us that, like the other games in the series , It will be important to develop some aspects of the general plot, since everything indicates that this will focus on the personal plot of Kairi, a character that some players consider that they do not have a development at the level of others.

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Be that as it may, what is more than clear is that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories will also come to Nintendo Switch when it goes on sale in the fall of 2020, so we still have to wait a few months. And you, are you lovers of these types of rhythm games or are they not exactly your strong suit?