King in Black Comic Review 2 of 3, by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman

comic cover king in black 2 of 3

Original edition: King in Black 2 and 3
Departure date: May 6, 2021
Script: Donny Cates
He drew: Ryan Stegman
Format: staple, 48 pp
Price: € 5.00

We continue with the event King in black. After the first issue where we saw the entry of the god of the symbiotes Knull and his settlement on Earth, the heroes have played their best strategies, summoning the Watcher, the X-Men, but everything falls on deaf ears, because Knull is unstoppable, every step he takes thwarts the Avengers’ plans. Emphasize that it continues at the same point where the first issue left off, without having to make any jump to another collection, which is to be appreciated.

The story begins, and it is time to warn of spoilers than we will see in the comic. The life of Eddie brock hanging by a thread, Knull has stripped him of his symbiote and thrown him from the top of a building. Many of the heroes have been linked to symbiotes of Knull’s army and the tension grows at times between The Avengers: they must get Brock back, to unlink the rest of the companions of the aliens and for this they have Dylan Brock and a latest addition: Thor, the god of thunder.

interior of the comic king in black 2 of 3 # 1interior of the comic king in black 2 of 3 # 1In itself, a staple to which we cannot criticize lack of rhythm, epic, double pages, an impeccable narrative, except for a note that at the end of this analysis in general lines we will write down. It’s more, leaves us great moments of action starring the heroes. The pace is actually very fast, it does not let the reader look away from the comic because it is addictive to the full, because you are witnessing how the heroes are preparing different “B plans” without forgetting the illustrious Dr. Reed Richards who always he has a few aces up his sleeve.

A point (and only) to have against him, which the user wrote with great success in the comments of the first number

interior of the comic king in black 2 of 3interior of the comic king in black 2 of 3In section characters, a aura of pessimism, sadness and despair is established in the cast of heroes that have a presence in this number. Characters with a certain comic tone like Spiderman (He always makes jokes when he is fighting) or Mr. Tony Stark, used to the easy joke, is seen out of their “comfort zone” and they take on the role of flag bearers, as characters like Captain America would do on a regular basis. On the other hand we have Thor, representing not only the god of thunder, but the ultimate weapon against Knull and exudes confidence and security in each cartoon where he appears. Knull we have him sowing the terror of those who are close to him and with enough power to stand up to Odinson.

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To the pencils we have Ryan stegman, very comfortable in the event, he understands perfectly what he wants us to see Cates. The acting of the characters is perfect, he draws numerous facial expressions, all of them with great detail, including Spidey, who to make it even more expressive, the entire number appears with the mask broken from nose to chin, leaving the area of ​​the face free. mouth to convey more feelings of agony and worry. Special mention for Colour hand in hand with Frank MartinVery dark colors to convey a gloomy and dark atmosphere, to later appear in explosions or thunder, very vivid and striking colors, a delight for the eyes.

interior of the comic king in black 2 of 3 # 4interior of the comic king in black 2 of 3 # 4A very enjoyable staple, with great epic moments and Donny Cates fans will love it. The handicap that the miniseries has is true, but for any doubt there is always the blog or a server to clarify the doubts that the plot leaves you.

You can purchase “King in Black 2 of 3” here and “Marvel Premiere. Poison 1 ”here.

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