Kimberly Loaiza’s makeup artist exposes her for not “paying” her

Kimberly Loaiza’s makeup artist exposes her for not “paying her” | Instagram

The pretty musical artist Kimberly Loaiza has been accused by a famous makeup artist who worked with her, through a video that was just shared on a YouTube channel.

It is said that the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja He had left to record some videos in exchange for his makeup for an upcoming video that is about to be released, a new single that will surely be a success like the ones he has recently shared.

The YouTube channel that shared this news is from Es Neta, it was launched on April 5, it is from minute 6:18 where the note about Kimberly loaiza The beautiful Mexican celebrity, the video is entitled: “Exclusive! Kimberly Loaiza steals her stylist and they expose her for fraud! / Kenia Says goodbye to you?”

In the video you can see that it was through an interview with the star makeup artist Pepe Gutiérrez, who made some comments regarding his working relationship with the interpreter of “Don’t be jealous” video where he apparently began to work with Kim Loaiza according to certain comments from his followers.

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The host mentions that apparently the professional stylist made an exchange with La Lindura Mayor, which stated that he would do her makeup in exchange for allowing him to record two videos, one was promoting an online course and the second was a greeting for his sister .

It seems that Kim Loaiza did not comply with the agreement they had reached because at the time of wanting to record the video it was Juan de Dios Pantoja himself who told him to wait a little perhaps because they were in a hurry and had to record other videos at home, for which postponed said recording.

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When they agreed that Kim and Juan were going to do their makeup, they were in Miami, United States, you may remember that they spent a short time in that city where they possibly met Sebastián Yatra and Lele Pons and recorded videos together.

The video They could not record it the next day because Pepe Gutiérrez had a return flight for work reasons, so the recording was pending, however after several days he had no response from Kimberly.

A month passed and Juan de Dios himself was the one who contacted him to ask him again what type of video he wanted them to record, the stylist explained again but without any answer apparently, he mentioned that they have already been like this for a year and that he has not heard from them since.

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So far both singers have not commented on the matter, although some of the Internet users who responded to the Es Neta video mentioned that Kimberly Loaiza’s husband would do so explaining that things were not like that, the comment was made in a way of criticism towards the singer.

Others who were possibly admirers of La Lindura Mayor expressed that there was possibly a misunderstanding due to the fact that he continually has many activities to do and above all that his schedule is always full.

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However, among the comments there were also several who supported the stylist, stating that any work should be remunerated or in the event that it is agreed to make an exchange also comply with what was agreed.

Kim usually does not respond to this type of accusation, she is much calmer, rather it is Juan de Dios Pantoja her husband who tends to react and respond to any criticism, accusation or negative comment that he possibly identifies may affect his wife.