Kimberly Loaiza shows off her figure in a dark place!

Kimberly Loaiza shows off her figure in a dark place! (Instagram)

Kimberly Loaiza shows off her figure in a dark place! | Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza also known for “The Biggest Cuteness“adorable nickname that he gave Juan de Dios Pantoja her current husband when they were dating, decided to surprise his fans with a photo shoot on a set a little different from what he has done lately, even becoming a bit dark.

The interpreter of “You lost me” has been characterized by sharing impressive Photographs in places that, although sometimes they are somewhat simple, make their photos stand out a lot, in addition to that we do not lose sight of Kim loaiza.

For some time some netizens have been speculating the fact that she is pregnant again, but that neither the young celebrity nor her partner wants to share the news, obviously the people around her will not do it either for obvious reasons.

Perhaps for this reason it is that Kimberly Loaiza decided to share in her first image one where she appears showing part of her belly, in the photo her waist stands out a lot.

It should be noted that the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja is not characterized by being a woman who shows her figure constantly, so it is perhaps already normal for her to see her a little covered, of course she has sometimes shown her figure in bathing suits, but they are probably numbered.

Kimberly loaiza impressed his fans by posing inside a cemetery, one of the places that perhaps for some is synonymous with fear and ghost but for others, it is something sad and the way to remember our loved ones, that is why the description he used in his post arguably perfect.

Cemeteries hear the most sincere “I MISS YOU” … “

In total there were three images that she decided to publish, in the second we see her reloaded on a kind of bars, something that will surely attract the attention of her followers and those who insist that she is pregnant is that, Kimberly loaiza He is in profile, but he covers a large part of his figure with the jacket he is wearing which is somewhat large.

The same happened with the third image, in it she appears in the middle of a road, crouching down, while her jacket hides part of her stomach.

Kim and Juan de Dios are usually quite discreet when it comes to the news of their personal relationship, they are fans of giving surprises to their fans and causing great emotion in them, so they tend to take good care of what they do so that they do not discover their plans.

Beautiful “,” What photos “,” Kim, when will the second part come out? We look forward to it, we were stung “, comments from her Internet users.

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23 million 600 thousand are the followers that currently Kimberly loaiza It has on its official Instagram account, we would like to say that it has grown little by little, however in a period of almost four years it has far surpassed great celebrities, and not only on Instagram but also in other applications and even YouTube .

Her name has gradually been internationalizing thanks to its popularity, large companies want to collaborate with her, and even do business as we have seen recently with SHEIN and also its new mobile phone.

Something that Kimberly Loaiza has always made clear is that everything she currently has is thanks to her followers, she constantly tries to find a way to thank her fans for the love they have given her and their constant support, as well as not only her but also Juan de Dios Pantoja and now also her beautiful daughter Kima.

It would not be a surprise if one of these days they share news about an event they are planning to thank for all the support they have received.

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