Kimberly Loaiza reveals in video how many surgeries she has had

Kimberly Loaiza reveals in video how many surgeries she has had | Instagram

The pretty musical artist Kimberly Loaiza shared a video where she appears mentioning how many surgeries she has undergone.

The wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja She has become a celebrity not only on social networks but also on YouTube as a content creator, in fact she was recently recognized as number one in all of Mexico, barely surpassing Mariand Castrejón, better known as Yuya, as well as Luisito. He reports that until recently they were two of the most recognized nationally.

Surely his fans were shocked with the publication he made, although this was on his official account of Tiktok, surely you will imagine that it is just more than a joke like the ones he usually shares by repeating famous audios.

In the video that Kimberly loaiza shared a day ago she still appears with her beautiful belly, Mini JD was not yet born, although a little over a month ago she had her son without a doubt certain fans miss seeing her pregnant.

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“Would you have surgery?” It was the description he shared in the video from Tiktok, where she is promoting a renowned energy drink that she and other celebrities have happened to advertise, including the Russian model Anastasia Kvitko who is known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian” and also Kenia Os.

In his video he mentioned that he had done a total of five surgeries, among them were the nose, breast augmentation, liposuction, bichectomy and also an increase in his posterior charms, apparently he was talking with another person who asked him if there was something natural in she.

Very sure of herself she answered yes and that it was her heart that by the way belonged to all her followers.

Several of her followers are aware of each of her publications, for that reason almost immediately that she shares something new she has reactions and comments from her cuteness, who by the way are eager to see her again, record videos and share them with them.

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In his Tiktok he appears wearing a black outfit, this consists of shorts and a rather loose sweater, his hair at that time was long and light brown, he also wore dark glasses.

The place where she was filming this short video looked like a kind of garden inside, but Kimberly was outside, behind her there were some large windows that inside contained several very beautiful plants by the way.

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For several days she began to share content on Tiktok again and although we have seen her with her baby, there are few videos that she has shown us with her presence today, however there are already several that she has released long before she was pregnant.

It seems that she is making some changes because sometimes she shares videos when she is pregnant, others when she was not and of the most recent ones where the little and adored Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza appears with her second child in her arms.

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For quite some time it has been speculated that Kim Loaiza, interpreter of “Turn off the light” has made several aesthetic arrangements, although she and Juan de Dios her husband shared the “details” that had been arranged for some Internet users was not enough because they considered that they others needed to be mentioned.

Although currently it is more than normal to have certain aesthetic arrangements for other people it is almost inexcusable, of course there are tastes for everything and it is possible that several celebrities like Kim Loaiza have chosen to improve their appearance a little with the help of an expert .