Kimberly Loaiza returns to Tiktok, fans are excited!

Kimberly Loaiza returns to Tiktok, fans are excited! | Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza recently shared new content on her account Tiktok, his followers were excited about his return, despite the fact that he was not seen as active enough in said video as it has in others in the past.

They immediately let her know The Biggest Cuteness who are happy with his return to social networks, also ask you to please no longer share drafts, because they like fresh and updated content.

Since a few days ago this young celebrity moved away from the cameras, because she underwent surgery, so far it is not known if this was aesthetic or of some other kind, she has promised to share a video where she explained everything to his fans.

Surely it will not be long before we can know the reason for his distancing on his social networks, because he has already started recording new content on his Tiktok, so it could take less than a week for him to share it.

Some of her fans were scared to learn that she was in the hospital, it was something quite fast, we could say that from one day to the next, although she had already warned that she would undergo an operation.

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Watching her again on Tiktok you can see that she is fine, although she is not making much movement in her most recent video, she appears sitting on a woven chair with some cushions, which she used a long time ago to take a photo next to her two small children Kima and Juanito.

As you well know, Kimberly Loaiza, wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja has a contract with a well-known energy drink like the Russian model Anastasia Kvitko and the host Lizbeth Rodríguez so they constantly have to share content related to the drink where they promote it in any way and depending on their content each one does it to their own way.

With the background song by Karol G titled Bichota la Lindura Mayor I was singing a bit while taking a sip of the drink.

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This video of Kimberly loaiza He already has more than 254 thousand reproductions, 8593 comments and his followers have shared it more than a thousand times, several of his Internet users are excited about his return to social networks, in fact he never left them because he continued to share new content alone that this was not updated.

He shared this video exactly 23 hours ago, surely from today he will begin to share content continuously as he had done until a few days ago.

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Precisely this July 21 the official video of 13.13 one of Juan de Dios Pantoja’s new singles, so surely Kim Loaiza’s video will have to wait a little longer for her husband’s to have even more reactions, they undoubtedly take their time and handle it perfectly.

Between the activities they carry out, their daily life and the publications they make Jukilop There is a gap between them and their cute little girls in addition to their little panties that apparently none of them are bothered by it.

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Without giving any further explanation, until the moment she shares her video, Kimberly Loaiza has remained a bit discreet about what was done to her body, because again we see her wearing quite baggy clothes, so surely what was done is something aesthetic.

In her stories a few hours ago she shared that she, her husband and her daughter Kima were at the youth awards posing on the carpet for photographers eager to capture their beauty.

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