Kimberly Loaiza reminds fans of their discounts at SHEIN

Kimberly Loaiza reminds fans of their discounts on SHEIN (Instagram)

Kimberly Loaiza reminds fans of their discounts at SHEIN | Instagram

For a few weeks Kimberly loaiza Renowned Internet personality, influencer, businesswoman, youtuber and also a singer shared excitedly the launch of her collection in collaboration with the SHEIN company, a few hours ago she reminded her fans of the benefits of acquiring part of her collection, because by doing so you will have great discounts.

As you may know, Juan de Dios Pantoja’s wife has become one of the most important and influential people in Mexico and other parts of the world thanks to her immense popularity and growth as an Internet star in a short time.

His collection consists of approximately one hundred pieces of clothing, so that his followers and future buyers of them, he decided to launch several styles that will surely be to the taste of each and everyone, outfits to go out to party, casual, sporty and elegant are what are part of his collection.

To present your collection in collaboration with SHEIN, Kimberly Loaiza decided to do it through a short video on YouTube on her official channel, in which she explained a little about the history of this collaboration and proudly mentioned that it was the first time that the company had worked with someone external because throughout the years all their clothing was exclusive.

Probably if this new modality is very successful, SHEIN begins to make some collections together with other celebrities, it should be noted that the edition of Kimberly loaiza it is limited.

Apparently Kimberly Loaiza’s clothes have been selling quite well because it has been shared that some of them have already worn out.

Do not forget that there are some super discounts for the good end use my discount code: KIML For a 15% discount and 20% on purchases over 50 USD “, wrote Kim Loaiza.

Something that also has fans of La Lindura Mayor quite excited is the fact that, by buying clothes, taking photos and tagging them, you will be participating in a raffle to win an all-expenses-paid trip to spend with Kim Loaiza , Juan de Dios Pantoja and part of his family in an impressive vacation.

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In his photographs he appears wearing an outfit that became quite popular in SHEIN It is a two-piece suit in camel color, it consists of a skirt and a long-sleeved top that is more like a kind of short jacket, the style is somewhat militarized so it draws a lot of attention.

In the videos that he has published in his stories where he shows other videos of his followers showing off the clothes from his collection that they have bought, it was not a surprise to see several young women with said outfit.

Her millions of fans are aware of each of the publications that Kimberly Loaiza shares on her social networks, YouTube and even Tik Tok, where she has also become a celebrity, it is believed that she is already among the top places in the world. top 50 people with the largest number of followers, she has so far 30 million 800 thousand, perhaps this figure has not been updated so it cannot be compared with the current figures of other personalities, however it is certain that it is already close of the first places.

Today it is practically normal to see millions of red hearts in your posts, and these increase when Kimberly loaiza She appears next to her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja and also with her daughter Kima, who, like her parents, has become a celebrity.

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