Kimberly Loaiza presents the birth of her son “Mini JD”

Kimberly Loaiza presents the birth of her son “Mini JD” | Instagram

This April 4 the beautiful musical artist In addition to being a singer, youtuber, businesswoman and mother, she shared the video of the Juanito’s birth, Kimberly Loaiza and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja were very excited.

It was on February 16 the day the second child of the couple who also call Jukilop was born, the wait for his followers to finally be able to meet his second heir finally came to an end.

The video was shared on the YouTube channel of Kimberly loaiza, this is entitled “Birth of Juanito, we present our great love, Jukilop | Kimberly Loaiza”, we will share it with you right away.

Since they announced their pregnancy, the young celebrity couple has been sharing some details of the follow-up of it, the day Juanito was born they only shared some images without showing his face, since then we have only seen his hands, feet or when his parents are carrying him .

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The video begins the same day that the interpreter of “Turn off the light“They had to stay in a hotel near the hospital because the place where they live is half an hour away and they wanted to save a little time.

The only thing that weighed on them that day is leaving Kima Whoever commented was crying when they left, something normal when they get separated from her.

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Since they arrived at the hospital they began to be a little nervous, but confident that everything would go well, the video lasts 23 minutes and 17 seconds, but if you want to overtake it and meet little Juanito, he appears at minute 13 and 12 seconds.

Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza was born at 12:03 pm, weighed 3 kilos and 46 grams and measured 49 centimeters, data that surely some of the pantojitas or the cuties will take into account when remembering this cuteness.

This time Juan de Dios Pantoja Again he had the opportunity to witness the birth of his son just as it happened when Kima was born.

This is a dream, a true wonder, “said JD Pantoja.

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Shortly before her son arrived in the room next to his parents, they took Kim Loaiza, who apparently was still a little anesthetized because of that, she did not feel any pain, in the video La Lindura Mayor looked very good, quite fresh and relaxed because everything it had come off perfectly.

When Kim Loaiza was left in the room, her husband Juan de Dios mentioned that their baby had to stay a little longer in the incubator.

After they took Mini JD as he was baptized by several Internet users, admirers of the couple showed his face again, the interpreter of “Santa Paloma” affirms that he has features quite similar to him, he said that the little boy’s nose was like his grandfather’s paternal and something that surprised Kim Loaiza was his thick lips.

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Something that the couple did that their admirers surely liked was show the reaction that Kima had when meeting her brother, although this was surely digital, it was something exciting; Little Kima had a strange reaction like something surprised and although she was not seen very negative, it was not totally positive, her mother affirms that it was neither good nor bad but that it is sure that she loves her brother very much.

So far the video has more than two million reproductions and also more than 76 thousand comments, as for Twitter, the name of Kimberly Loaiza has been searched more than 340 times during the last hour, it will surely begin to rise shortly.