Kimberly Loaiza launches You Lost Me, it could be indirect to Juan de Dios Pantoja | Instagram

So far one of the biggest artists with the most followers on social networks, Kimberly Loaiza released a new single titled « You lost me », which could be a hint for Juan de Dios Pantoja.

The Greater Cuteness He has been working hard creating music, dedicating himself to his fans on social networks due to the quarantine and especially caring for his daughter. Kima Sofia.

You Lost Me became a trend quickly on social media and iTunes after another success was launched for Kimberly Loaiza.

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Many of his followers are already looking forward to the official video, his single « Do not be jealous » it was a trend for several days and for sure « You lost me » It is planned for me to exceed it by a lot.

Her song is already available on various digital platforms and is sounding strong despite the typical criticism of the singer.

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The song talks about forgetting and deleting someone who hurt him, which he will celebrate with friends, it could be associated with what happened with Pantoja a few months ago, what do you think?

« I don’t care how you are, I admit you were a mistake, ours was left in a coffin, the good thing that all this ended, I don’t need someone like you, it was you who failed and that’s why you lost me, » part of the song by Loaiza.

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It is somewhat complicated to learn to live with so many criticisms However, it seems that Kimberly has coped well and only took the positive things, having the support of her family and her fans, the negative comments seem to leave them aside and focus on the good things.

« The truth is I do not want to imagine the commotion that Kim will cause when releasing the official video. « commented a fanpage of Loaiza.

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The cover of the single in your account Instagram She already has more than a million likes, there are also many comments where she is congratulated, it is good to show the feelings expressed in a song, it could be that this is what happens with her new song.

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