Kimberly Loaiza is affected by fearsome illness and coughs in Tiktok | Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza has been constantly sharing content on social networks, mainly on Tiktok in the midst of the current quarantine, where she was seen coughing

Loaiza was seen coughing in a video of the famous application, something that worried many because it was one of the symptoms of the fearsome evil that afflicts the world.

Give me medicine or I’ll move, Kim said in the video.

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Fortunately, however, this was a performance to entertain its audience, where this phrase can be heard in a baby voice, but the coronavirus is affecting the Greater Cuteness in various ways.

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Juan de Dios Pantoja’s girlfriend can also be seen in another recording, washing their hands vigorously in fear of contracting the dreaded disease, her partner represented the virus.

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In another video, the youtuber performs a song in which she assures that she will not leave home since she is safer there and does not want to die.

I will not go outside anymore, here in my house there is no danger, Kim Loaiza sang in the funny video.