Kimberly Loaiza confesses that she has a secret, it could be about Juan de Dios Pantoja | Instagram

Kimberly Loaiza has all her followers on fire after she confesses on social networks that she has a great secret.

The youtuber alerted all her followers after writing on Twitter that there is something that has been hiding from everyone.

I’m keeping a secret, I’ll tell you soon, Kim shared.

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With that phrase, the older cutie darted the imaginations of her followers who quickly began to guess what her secret was about.

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One of them and that she later shared points out that it could be her return with Juan de Dios Pantoja or a collaboration for her music.

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So far, Kim Loaiza hasn’t clarified what his secret is, but it wouldn’t surprise many if it were about Juan.

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The couple or ex-couple has not clarified their sentimental situation after the scandal that Pantoja went through on social networks, so this publication increases the hopes of those who love Jukilop.