Kimberly Loaiza burned in Tik tok | Instagram

The Cuteness Kimberly Loaiza shared in her last Tik tok video how she ended up with her burned hand because everything was product of mischief.

The interpreter of « Do not be jealous » she’s been pretty active on her account Tik tok Well, he constantly shares videos.

In these videos we have seen some jokes, occurrences even to the beautiful Kima but above all I think that many users have noticed that Loaiza she is a very good actress.

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A shared post by Kimberly Loaiza (@ kimberly.loaiza) on Jun 24, 2020 at 4:58 PDT

In the video you can see that he is in the company of his friend Ely Blancarte who is playing « the mom » while Loaiza is « the daughter ».

Kimberly is asking if she can touch an iron but her mother (Ely Blancarte) says no because it is hot and it can burn, however « the girl » he still wants to play it, after several insistence and despite the fact that mom warned him he ends up playing and consequently the finger burned ending everything in a scream.

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Kimberly excitedly shared on her official Instagram account that she had already reached twenty million subscribers in Tik tok in just five months of making your account.

Today Kimberly Loaiza It has become one of the tiktokers with the largest subscribers in Mexico and maybe some parts of Latin America, something for which you should feel extremely proud because it was all thanks to the constant work not only in Tik tok but also in other applications.

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Despite being quarantined thanks to Loaiza and also other tiktokers We have been able to cope with the confinement caused by the coronavirus because thanks to their videos they make this pandemic a little more pleasant.

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« beautiful and beautiful congratulations on your 20mill kisses », « You look very tender and beautiful I love you kim », « One day if I did that I remember perfectly hahaha », some of the comments he received.

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