Kimberly Loaiza appears after giving birth to her son!

Kimberly Loaiza appears after giving birth to her son! (Instagram)

Kimberly Loaiza appears after giving birth to her son! | Instagram

The pretty musical artist Mexican Kimberly Loaiza appears in a video that her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja She shared who is also a youtuber, singer and influencer like her, days after she gave birth, her face appears again on social networks.

Of course, through her stories on Instagram she has been a bit active, telling her fans that she is quite well, however it should be remembered that these videos tend to be deleted since 24 hours have passed since their publication, the video of Tiktok that Juan de Dios Pantoja shared he did two days ago.

The interpreter of “Blanca Paloma” published this video on his official Tiktok account where he already has more than 12 million 300 thousand followers, which does not compare with the 37 million 500 thousand of Kimberly loaiza.

Juan de Dios Pantoja is in the room where Kimberly Loaiza is resting a little, as you will remember La Lindura Mayor went through a caesarean section so her body needs to have rest and recover from the surgery this is the second that they do.

Someone who accompanied them was their beautiful daughter Kima SofiaAlthough you can’t look at her face, her hair is easy to identify by her pretty curls.

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While Juan de Dios was in front of the camera behind him was Kim Loaiza lying on the bed with some pillows around her, at the beginning of the video her husband mentioned that he saw her very bored that if what was wrong with her phrase that It is part of the melody, then the song began with the rhythm and the music.

When the youtuber turns to the camera she smiles a little, you can immediately notice that she is a little tired due to the sleepless nights and possible care she has with her son, because as surely happened with Kima, Kimberly Loaiza is the only one who can change and bathe her son, although this time she required help from her husband.

At video When the song begins Juan de Dios begins to dance and Kimberly tries to keep up with him even though she is lying down raising her arms a little and shaking her head, maybe for her fans this seemed the most tender, that to Despite feeling (probably) quite exhausted, she still has the energy to follow some of her husband’s witticisms and above all always with a nice smile.

The song they are dancing to in the audio is “Tamo Loco To“On the album of the same name interpreted by Mark B. The melody was released in 2020 and you can already find it both on Spotify and on YouTube Music and Deezer.

This specific publication among the many that Juan de Dios Pantoja has has managed to have more than 11 million reproductions, it is possible that this is due to the fact that his wife appears in the video.

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Fortunately The Biggest Cuteness She is in good hands, many people take care of her and take care of her, however the most important is Juan de Dios Pantoja and it seems that Kima also helps a little, at least to entertain her mother.

Despite the fact that the young celebrity is recovering from her operation, more content is expected on YouTube as they themselves mentioned in their stories, so her fans will not wait long to see her again and miss her.

The comments that his followers have put to Juanito’s video are more than 10,000, many of them send them many blessings and others continue to eager to meet the new member of the family, which will surely be very soon.