Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja sleep in a cemetery!

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja sleep in a cemetery! (Instagram)

Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja sleep in a cemetery! | Instagram

The most recent video on Kimberly Loaiza’s channel that she shared for her followers is titled “24 hours in a cemetery”, she and Juan de Dios Pantoja next to their friends they lived a unique experience.

Throughout their career as youtubers both Kimberly loaiza like Juan de Dios Pantoja they have been somewhat reckless in relation to the content they share on their respective channels.

The ingenuity of the couple of youtubers, businessmen and singers, is continuously reflected in each of the projects they launch, be it a video, an official song or even their photographs.

The video you shared Kim loaiza their channel consists of two parts, the first was uploaded on November 14, there is still no date for the second part, but without a doubt it will be extremely interesting to see what the night brings.

If you have not seen the video right away we will show it to you, it is really entertaining although some will say that it is a bit slow, especially since the arrival of the team and its installation is shown, they decided to take a tent that in turn had 3 “rooms” inside it, each one would share one with another partner.

The video lasted approximately 30 minutes, so they chose to divide it into two parts due to the length, it is likely that their fans are already anxiously waiting for the second part.

Perhaps in the second part that is shared, the one who starred in the video during several scenes appears again, when they arrived they found a cat, which we were seeing in much of the video clip so much that those involved were quite scared, wondering what is what would do there or what would it be.

Cats are spirit guides, I was taking care of them, “wrote one netizen.

Immediately the video began to get a response from its fans, it already has more than four million views, in just one day of its launch.

Nobody seriously nobody Kim saying first me and then my children which children only have one “, a comment that has attracted the most attention from the internatuas.

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In a part of the video Juan de Dios Pantoja mentioned that they felt great respect for being in a place like this, which perhaps for many is sacred because their loved ones are there, before this JD Pantoja also mentioned that it was something natural, that if indeed they lost their life or that a loved one forward is something extremely sad.

It was then that the comment that Kimberly Loaiza made in the video is what has attracted the attention of Internet users who immediately let them know in the comments of the video, “God wants me to take me first than my children” just at 13:50, although there are two important points to discuss.

The first is that Kimberly and Juan de Dios have shared with their fans on several occasions that they would like to have more children in addition to their first-born Kima Sofía, so it is certain that in the future they will.

The second point is that during the last weeks there has been a lot of speculation that the interpreter of “You lost me” is already expecting her second child, so the comment she made referred to the fact that she already counts this supposed pregnancy as another child. although he has not been born yet.

There have been several occasions in which she has appeared wearing quite loose clothing which has raised more suspicions regarding a pregnancy, despite this neither she nor Juan de Dios have spoken about it.

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