Kimberly Loaiza and JD play a practical joke on their daughter Kima!

Kimberly Loaiza and JD prank their daughter Kima! | Instagram

The Biggest Cuteness and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja They went to the task of publishing a new video on Kimberly Loaiza’s channel about her most recent trip and where they played a practical joke on her daughter Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza.

A few days ago kimberly loaiza, Juan de Dios Pantoja and his two sons went on a trip to the Dominican Republic, you will surely remember him because they were present at the Youth Awards where both won an award in different categories.

As is customary in this couple of young celebrities shared a video where they relate part of their trip and where they also ended up making a joke on their first-born, so as not to lose the habit of jokes among the family.

This video was published through Kim Loaiza’s channel and has the title “We don’t have a body, a joke on my daughter | Julilop, Kimberly Loaiza”, it lasts approximately 32 minutes, we will share it with you right away.

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This video was shared 8 hours ago and quickly became number one in trends as indicated in it, it is about to reach 4 million views and more than 70 thousand comments.

It is always entertaining to see the couple make jokes, this they have been doing since they are dating and more and more their jokes were a bit heavy, the most recent one made by the interpreter of “Turn off the light” was that he had lost it Kima, Juan de Dios ended up crying, it really was a cruel joke.

Now it was Kima’s turn to be the one to have one, once they arrived and settled in the Dominican Republic the couple decided to enjoy the beach for a while, although they were very tired, the one who most wanted to go was her daughter who always seems to have a lot of energy.

Something they mentioned is that I had never seen the two of them completely covered in sand, so it seemed like a good idea to do so.

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Once they reached the beach they got to work, it was Pantoja who began to dig two spaces in the sand, one for him and the second for Kimberly, precisely his wife was the first whom he “buried in the sand”, when They took Kima to see them she seemed a bit confused, it was more than obvious if she saw her parents without bodies!

After a while the little girl began to cry because she did not understand what was happening, and she asked her mother to go with her making a gesture with her little hand, her father ended up ignoring him a little more she was more desperate for her mother.

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When they got out of the arena, they hugged Kima and mentioned that they would make up for that joke, with a prettier one, maybe buy her some gifts to make her even happier.

Something that surprised at the beginning of the video was the clear intelligence of her first-born who can already perfectly say the colors and even the numbers in English, from the moment she began to speak she proved to be a fairly intelligent girl as well as kind and affectionate of which his parents are very proud.

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Several of the comments that his video has are in relation to a video that the singer and musical artist promised to make, a 24-hour video being a single dad, several of his fans are looking forward to it as well as the video of Kima’s birthday, coincidentally several of his videos become more popular when his children appear.

Lucky for the person who comes across the mini JD sock, I hope they didn’t throw it away, “wrote one fan.

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