Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja celebrate for their two children

Kimberly Loaiza and JD Pantoja celebrate for their two children | Instagram

The recognized musical artist Kimberly Loaiza and her husband Juan de Dios Pantoja They shared a video on the Lindura Mayor channel, the celebration they made on Children’s Day for their children Kima and Juanito, as well as other children, family members and friends.

The young celebrity from Mexico on social networks, Tiktok and YouTube has managed to position herself as one of the personalities with the largest number of followers on her accounts, in addition to being an influencer, singer and model, she is also a successful businesswoman, she and her husband have grown a lot in a few years.

This is the most recent video of Kimberly loaiza On his YouTube channel, he shared it 3 days ago and is entitled “Jukilop / Kimberly Loaiza Children’s Day Surprise Party”

The video lasts 36:44 minutes, from the beginning the couple entertains their millions of followers, so far it has more than 10 million reproductions, it is something more than normal that their videos have these figures in terms of reproductions, it also has 171,699 comments.

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Several of his followers made reference to the fact that Juan de Dios still owed the 24-hour challenge as a single dad, in addition to being extremely excited by the type of content they shared on this occasion.

In his video The Biggest Cuteness shows a very special day for their children and also some friends and cousins ​​of Kima and Juanito.

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What they did Jukilop In the video it was taking a fair to the patio of his house where his children as well as his guests could enjoy an entire afternoon full of games and laughter.

Evidently Juanito could not play because he is still very young, however they considered it as their first day of the child together as a family and although Kima He’s already a little older, and he didn’t want to get on all the rides, probably because he was a little scared.

If you remember the video where Juan’s princess and Kimberly bought a slippery culumbio at first, she did not want to get on because she was a little scared, then little by little she began to have more confidence and get excited.

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The same thing happened with some mechanical games, at first I was a bit reluctant, but little by little it began to attract more attention, in addition to these games the couple also rented a jumper with a pool and as you will remember Kima is fascinated by water so no She hesitated to start playing there and especially with the water, for this she already had her swimsuit on.

Something interesting that the couple shared when they distributed the boxes with sweets is that they only gave Kima a few, because since she was born they have kept her on a special diet, so they take great care of their diet like the excellent parents that they are. Some netizens are likely to start criticizing them for this practice, something that unfortunately is more than common for netizens to do.

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In addition to this mini fair at the party, we also found cake and a unicorn piñata, without a doubt the one who most enjoyed the party was Kima, especially because she was not alone but also with her friends and cousins, due to the fact that she was not alone despite that at one point he started fighting with a girl because she had her toy, but apparently everything was solved.

Without a doubt, seeing the family surrounded by other people and especially children was something entertaining, both Kimberly and Juan de Dios this video has been one of the most striking and charismatic they have shared because we found several entertaining situations.

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