Kima surprises talking with her father Juan de Dios Pantoja

Kima surprises talking with her father Juan de Dios Pantoja (Instagram)

Kima surprises talking with her father Juan de Dios Pantoja | Instagram

The influencer and musical artist Juan de Dios Pantoja husband of Kimberly loaiza He recently shared a video on his Tiktok account where he is recording his daughter Kima, while they both talk a bit and especially the little one as a big girl.

Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza is the first-born daughter of the couple of youtubers, the little girl is about to turn two years old in a few months, she was born on July 12, 2019 despite being very small, she still speaks a little perhaps not so fluent but She is understood very well, without a doubt she is a very intelligent girl.

In this recent video In turn, Kima is watching an entertaining video in which some animals appear to appear, so she immediately asks where the horse was, of course not with the same clarity but something like “Where is it,” with an extremely tender.

Before this Juan de Dios Pantoja When listening to her he modified his voice a little so that it sounded a little higher, something like when parents talk with their young children, he also wondered where the horse was, he did it in order for Kima to answer it and likewise It happened on several occasions, when the little girl did not know more because she looked confused, she was about to get off the bed where she was.

On several occasions her parents have bragged about their daughter not only for how beautiful she is but also for how intelligent she is, a few days ago Juan de Dios also shared in Tiktok A video where Kimberly Loaiza and Kima appeared together, they were on her computer while La Cindura Mayor asked her about the vowels, the one-year-old princess answered the name of each one of them, the interesting thing is that she learned them very quickly by what JD Pantoja mentioned in the description.

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Both Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza are proud and in love with their little girl, a love that did not diminish with the arrival of their second child, on the contrary this same love and affection was divided but with the same intensity, they themselves have affirmed it in recent videos on their social networks.

The video that Juan de Dios himself shared that his daughter Kima stars in has more than 200 thousand reproductions so far, this was the most recent video that he has published on Tiktok, among the comments that are almost five thousand we find some that mention that the small is indeed very intelligent.

Other netizens immediately recalled Lizbeth Rodríguez who claim that Kima learned to make a reference to her, however she has no relationship, it is only the opinion of the netizens who immediately made the comparison.

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The beautiful Kima and her father are apparently in their room, in the background you can see the suitcase that appeared in Kimberly Loaiza’s room when she gave birth, we had already seen this room in some Tiktok videos of La Lindura Mayor. Before going to the hospital, apparently the apartment where they are is temporary because Kim Loaiza no longer wanted to be in the house where they tried to rob them while they were gone.

Without a doubt, Kima looks very happy wherever she is, as long as she does it next to her parents who adore her, something that the fans of the couple are looking forward to is seeing Kima’s reaction with her little brother Juan de Dios Pantoja Loaiza.