Kima already paints herself! Kimberly Loaiza is surprised

Kima already paints herself! Kimberly Loaiza is surprised | Instagram

The recognized musical artist and celebrity of social networks Kimberly Loaiza shared several videos next to her daughter Kima, who apparently already feels like a big girl because she appears painting herself, the surprise of The Biggest Cuteness When he saw her, he ended with a few laughs.

The mother-daughter relationship that Kim Loaiza and Kima Sofía have is the most tender, although she will just turn 2 years old shortly, the little and precious Kima She is extremely intelligent and very attentive, she pays attention to everything, the same happens when she sees her mother put on makeup like any other girl her age would do.

Since before Kimita was born as her parents and part of the cuties and pantojitas tell her, she had already become a popular baby, increasing this from the moment she was born and to date her popularity has been increasing every day.

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Both Kima and Juanito They are very loved children, not only by their parents but also by the family of both as well as the followers, who always seek the little ones in each of the publications and stories of the parents who are the only ones in charge of sharing content where they appear.

There are those who claim that Jukilop (Kimberly and Juan de Dios Panotoja) take advantage of the “fame” that their own children have, so cuddly and lovable yet is something any other proud and loving parent would do.

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This is how Kimberly Loaiza shared these sweet videos on her official Instagram account through her stories, where she begins to record Kima, who is in front of a wooden piece of furniture and has a very concentrated mirror in front of him, when Kim Loaiza mentions:

What are you doing Kimita, God is painting her lips! Hey you like?”.

Kima, very excited for having painted her little mouth, is shown very smiling and flirtatious, surely this will not please Juan de Dios at all, since he is quite jealous with his daughter, shortly before she was born in one of his videos when he was showing off her Her princess’s clothes mentioned that she would have a boyfriend until she was 30 years old.

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Once she finished painting her lips with transparent gloss she gave the paint to her mother and she told her not to eat it, also asking her to show her “her little trumpet” her mouth to see how it had been painted, so she did a close up without being able to avoid laughing at the occurrence of his daughter.

In a third video, Kima appears painting her mother who thanks her for having done it, from what we have seen throughout the videos From Kimberly we realized that her daughter loves to appear in front of the camera, it would not be a surprise if in a few years Kima Sofía Pantoja Loaiza becomes an influencer and youtuber just like her parents.

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Surely at the moment of knowing that Kima entered the world of the Internet as an influencer, part of the millions of followers of her parents will begin to follow her.

Although her parents have thought about it, they prefer that she make her decisions once she is older and understands a little more what the world of the Internet is, since it is not only something noble but there could be the possibility that certain people do not agree with her doing it, that will be a decision of Kima’s parents and hers as well, we will have to wait a little longer to find out.

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