The reality star is confused by the whole situation (Photo: File)

Kim Kardashian has been in the eye of the storm since the beginning of July due to the bipolar episode whereby currently its happening husband, Kanye West. Last Monday, she went to visit him in Wyoming, where the rapper is working on his latest project, but the meeting was not exactly what she wanted.

Now, a source close to the « Keeping Up With The Kardashians » star revealed to People magazine that she you are at a crossroads when it comes to your marriage.

« This is a very sad moment for her, truly is very sad. Kim she feels trapped why love kanye and think that is the love of his life, but he does not know what to do”, The publication described.

Although the meeting was only on Monday, the businesswoman returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, while the rapper stayed at his Cody ranch. According to the same source, Kardashian is aware that her husband cannot be in this mental state and live with his children..

The couple met in Wyoming (Photo: social media)

Kim she thought they had to be apart, she knows it’s not healthy for her to be around him now, and honestly not healthy for children. He needs to solve his affairs before he can be any kind of partner or father, « said the source.

But this does not mean that the founder of KKW Beauty has given up, because despite all the public slurs and revelations about her private life, she wants her husband to be better.

« Still, no matter what, Kim wants the best for Kanye. He will always want the best for him« Ended.

Last Tuesday, the same post revealed that Kardashian and his entire family have taken it upon themselves to protect North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, the four children of the couple of all this situation.

Kardashian knows that West cannot be in this state in front of his children (Photo: . / Allison Joyce / File Photo

« She is protecting the children. His whole family is doing it. They have kept children on the sidelines and are isolating them from all this. And everyone else has decided to create an atmosphere of normality around them. They don’t need to see such a public collapse, « said a source.

For now the children have been caught with their aunt Kourtney Kardashian and her ex-partner, Scott Disick. Even last week, the eldest of the sisters posted photos of herself and her youngest children (Penelope and Reign), along with her older nephews on Balboa Island during a walk.

In addition to this, the TMZ entertainment portal revealed that the reality show that focuses on the lives of the Kardashian sisters and their mother, Kris Jenner, will not include anything to do with the rapper.

The source assured that As soon as Kanye began making meaningless posts, the 39-year-old Kardashian decided that this story would not be broadcast. for their popular show.

The rapper’s story will not be seen on the show (Photo: . / Randall Hill)

According to the source, Kardashian takes her husband’s mental health very seriously, and does not want this « be exploited to add to the drama of the series or to increase ratings » The founder of KKW Beauty ordered that none of the couple’s children be filmed, as she wants to prevent them from seeing something like this over time.

The portal also reported that recently the production team began to resume the series’ recordings after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus. At the moment filming continues with her and other family members in front of the cameras, they are simply following other stories.


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