Kim Kardashian was mocked, declared eternal love to Kanye West and this one on a love trip with Irina Shayk

Everything seems to indicate that Irina Shayk returned the smile to Kanye West. The famous rapper and fashion designer is living the sweet stage of conquest and falling in love, next to the most famous Russian model in the world, the one who was also the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo and is the mother of the only daughter of actor Bradley Cooper .

It seems that together with Irina, Kanye has been able to find some peace and stability, as well as happiness. And it is that he is currently going through a complex divorce process together with Kim Kardashian, who during her future ex-husband’s 44th birthday seems to have been mocked in front of everyone. Since while she dedicated words of eternal love to the father of her children on Instagram, He was enjoying the honeys of a new love with Irina Shayk in France.

They have denied it, yes, but the paparazzi have been faster and have captured them together. Not so scrambled, but together. An image of this pair kissing does not yet exist or has not been made public. The same thing happens with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, but for the public’s purposes, it is a fact that they are already together, again.

For now there are those who consider that the couple made up of Kanye West and Irina Shayk are the bomb couple of the year 2021. Although many might strongly object to their receiving this title, since JLo and Ben, “Bennifer”, are back.

Many do not mind being discredited by the fact that they were already a couple in the past. That does not matter or influence. For many, if not for all, “Bennifer” is the couple of the year. And it is that at the moment the only relationship that could take this title from Jennifer López and Ben Affleck would be the one formed by Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, if they too decided to resume their relationship.

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