Kim Kardashian walks in Rome without a bra

Kim Kardashian is in Italy. And specifically he is walking all over Rome. The paparazzi have caught her walking and exposing her sexy figure without reservation. But she herself through Instagram has left many with their mouths open, and it is that Kim has been seen by many of the most striking tourist sites in the city without a bra. There was even a rumor that she had visited nothing more and nothing less than the Vatican wearing a dress as sexy as it was daring. They say that in reality this is just a gossip and that just as it did not happen.

The outfits that the celebrity has been wearing throughout her visit to Rome are causing a sensation because, true to her style, she has not put aside heels or tight clothing to tour iconic places like the Colosseum and it seems being able to defy the laws of logic by walking the cobbled streets in strappy sandals, Showbiz put it.

This same Tuesday, Kim was photographed leaving her accommodation wearing a suggestive dress from the Mexican brand Barragán that left her shoulders in the air and included openings at the height of the stomach and hips. She chose this outfit to visit the Vatican City with the model Kate Moss and social networks quickly criticized her for not respecting the dress code of the Holy See. But he did not show more than necessary. Kim was modest.

However, in the photos that her personal assistant Tracy Romulus has uploaded to her Stories, it can be seen that her boss wore a black coat that covered her almost to the ankles while they toured places of worship such as Saint Peter’s Basilica or the Sistine Chapel. .

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