Kim Kardashian responds to accusations of failing to pay wages and exploiting her employees

Kim Kardashian.

Photo: David Livingston / Getty Images

A few days ago, a group of employees filed a lawsuit claiming that Kim kardashian You did not compensate them adequately or treat them fairly throughout their workday.

They accused her of not paying their salaries on time, of withholding 10% of them to cover taxes, of not paying them overtime and not having breaks to rest.

In this regard, it was Kim herself who He took to social media to share his side of the story about how he treats his employees and clarified that they are suing the wrong person.

“I absolutely respect people for their time and hard work and sadly, These workers are suing the wrong person. I paid the supplier and it is their job to pay their staff. I hope they can solve this problem soon, ”he wrote via Instagram stories.

It should be noted that there are around seven staff members who say that the contract they had agreed for a full-time job was not fulfilled, therefore they demand their salaries, benefits and more defaults.

This wasn’t the only rumor Kardashian addressed in her platform Q&A, as she chose to respond to claims that she previously hooked on. Travis barker, who is now dating his sister Kourtney kardashian.

False narrative! We have been friends for years and I am very happy for him and Kourt, “he said on his profile.

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