Kim Kardashian receives engagement ring and morning-after pills from alleged fan

Kim Kardashian.

Photo: David Livingston / .

While Kim kardashian faces your divorce process from Kanye west, a package that included an engagement ring and emergency contraception arrived at her home, according to TMZ.

The socialite’s security team intercepted the package on June 3 and, according to sources on the portal, it was sent by a man who has been hanging around Kardashian’s house.

Upon opening it they discovered a ring, which is apparently made of diamonds, as well as a box of Plan B, emergency contraceptive known as a morning-after pill.

Apparently the famous did not get to see him, because in her security there is a person in charge of ensuring that she never receives strange packages.

The first attempt by the fan to see the famous was in February and just two weeks ago he returned because, he said, he was going to take her to dinner.

The fan’s social media accounts were closed, since he has allegedly harassed her online and published a marriage certificate of both that was made by himself.

Kim Kardashian asked her lawyers to file a restraining order as soon as possible. She has already had to take that action against another man who stalked her home multiple times after confessing his love to her.

BY: Pedro Mauricio Ángel Núñez

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