Kim Kardashian reacts to Kanye West’s relationship with Irina Shayk

After Kanye West and Irina Shayk were spotted together in France where they went on a romantic date for the rapper’s birthday, people naturally wonder how Kim Kardashian feels about it and it seems that there is already an answer to it.

This is the first person West has been associated with since their separation, the same person from whom Kim is already aware and has not expressed any concern about the news, as it became known.

It doesn’t bother Kim that Kanye is dating“Mentioned a source to People magazine.

His only concern is his children. If it does not affect his children, then he does not care if Kanye is dating, “he continued to quote the medium.

According to the statements of the person, apparently the founder of Skims the only thing she does not want is for a new girlfriend to distract Kanye from spending time with her children.

“She just wants him to be happy. He wants Kanye to be present and spend as much time with them as possible. Kids love it when Kanye is around, ”he mentioned.

Kim has not said a word publicly, but what he did make clear recently is that he respects and loves the father of his children, when in a publication he dedicated affectionate words for his birthday, the unexpected by many.

At first, the billionaire appeared to be struggling with her decision to separate after seven years of marriage. Even in an episode of the reality show his family broke down in tears saying that he felt like a “failure”, with three failed marriages.

Kim and Kanye filed for divorce last February. The two had tried to fix their marriage, but for their own sake and that of their children, the couple decided to separate.

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