Kim Kardashian in full doubt! After the lunar meeting of Kanye West, the star leaves alone in Los Angeles … towards a break?

The duo Kim Kardashian – Kanye West therefore seems in full doubt! While her husband is running for president, the star seems too touched to help her… So she returns alone to Los Angeles.

Yet she always supported her husband … But since her lunar meeting, she no longer seems to trust him. It must be said that Kanye West spoke through and through, and did not necessarily respect his wife …

Kim Kardashian therefore seems to be on the verge of breaking up. Blame it on her husband’s bipolarity… Yet she always supported him in the face of this disease. But this time, Kanye West seems to have gone too far for his wife to pass in the towel.

On July 22, despite everything, she tried to support him. ” Our society demands tolerance towards the global issue of mental health, but we should also grant it to those who live with (psychological disorders) ”

“Those who know Kanye know that his words are not always in line with his intentions,” Kim Kardashian concludes on Instagram. Unfailing support, therefore … But touched.

Kim Kardashian finds herself all alone in Los Angeles!

Kim Kardashian without Kanye West in Los Angeles

So she decided to move away. She thus took a few days in Wyoming to reflect… and also to discuss with Kanye West about this meeting and these distances. So paparazzi saw them together in the car.

But the discussion was not enough. At least not yet: Kim Kardashian returns alone to Los Angeles, while waiting for the tensions to subside… Sources release some clues about the health of the couple.

“She knows Wyoming is calming her while life in LA can be particularly stressful“, Can we read in People Magazine. But the return to Los Angeles does not necessarily augur the best …

” It is certain that Kim would like everything to go back to how it was before. But it is just as certain that it will not happen. »Funny conclusion… The Kim Kardashian – Kanye West problem does not seem to be resolved!

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