Kim Kardashian and her sisters intend to break the web with SKIMS

The marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be about to collapse, but for Kim, life goes on and successes too.

The greatest proof that Kim Kardashian is more present than ever is the new campaign for SKIMS, her underwear brand, which, despite being launched on the market in September 2019, is still in force.

The success is due both to the public image that Kim has managed to exploit, as well as her interest in showing that all kinds of girls could use her lingerie. That is why their slogan is “Real women, real stories” has been so powerful for this purpose.

In addition, of course, she has the support of her sisters with a lot of media influence: Kylie and Kendall Jenner, who are also icons in the fashion and business industry.

The most recent SKIMS campaign shocked the world when photos of the shoot began to leak in which Kendall appears, with her tiny waist and elongated waist.

Kendall Jenner and her tiny waist that causes envy

Although not all the comments were positive and claimed that Kim was not being consistent with the motto of his company, the truth is that he attracted the attention he wanted for this new launch.

In a matter of minutes, Kendall’s photographs were already trending topic and aroused all kinds of comments, both praising her figure, doubting if the photos had retouching and stating that it is not an encouraging image for many girls, whose image is distorted when not look like the model.

As if Kendall hadn’t done enough for Skims, he also took this other photo, which has been so liked that it became the headline for the “Fits everybody” section on the SKIMS site.

Of course, Kylie Jenner could not miss. Although you might think that Kim does not need any kind of help to promote her products, it never hurts to receive support, especially if it is provided by someone in the family.

The so-called queen of Instagram not only has her own beauty and skin care empire, but has managed to position her image as a true generator of income that exceeds 590 million dollars.

It turns out that between the three sisters, they add hits of 573 million views. Kim brings in 205 million followers, Kendall 152 and Kylie 216, so it’s natural to think that there will also be enough sales to savor huge profits.