Kim Kardashian and her brand Skims reject that they have used filters and photoshop on the figure of the famous

The latest announcement from Shaper underwear brand Skims has caused a lot of controversy by landing on the TikTok app this week due to the supposed digital retouching that would have been made to modify the figure of Kim KardashianWhich is ironic when you consider that he was promoting a collection designed for all types of bodies. In this sense, both Kim and the brand itself they have forcefully rejected that they have used filters or photoshop in the figure of the socialite to promote the underwear brand.

In the video that was initially uploaded to the platform, the celebrity can be seen lying on the ground and caressing her body in a suggestive way. When reaching the height of the hip, his index finger was curled in a suspicious way which seemed to imply that the contour of his waist had been reduced in a rather obvious way. For many, this represented a clear sign that it would be a digital retouch, which could have been used with some kind of filter.

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However, the company has now ensured that the announcement included a flaw due to an error in the publication process that caused it to lose quality, also pointing out that the rest of the versions did not present the same flaw. Also ensuring that they did not use Photoshop, nor filters.

“Immediately after the team found out, the video was removed and the correct version uploaded, which ran for the rest of the time. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to Kim and our customers. ”

Another source has assured the Page Six portal that Kim specifically requested that no part of your body will be altered in said promotional campaign, so all this scandal would be even more uncomfortable for her.

On the other hand, a few days ago. Kim Kardashian shared a family portrait and left out Kanye West. Several sources assure that, by the time the photo of Kim with her children, their father, rapper Kanye West, he still lived in the house. Surely, this coincided with the last and final crisis of the couple that ended up breaking the marriage leading to divorce. Surely this reason could have made the socialite decide to make this image alone with her offspring.

The fact is, with touch-ups, filters, Photoshop, or not, Kim Kardashian has an enviable figure and that makes it clear every time she shares an image through their social networks.

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