Seoul, June 24 . .- North Korea has decided to suspend plans to undertake « military actions » on the inter-Korean border during a meeting of the military leadership of the regime led by Kim Jong-un, the Pyongyang media reported on Wednesday. .
With this decision, made at a preparatory meeting of the North Korean Workers’ Party’s central military commission, Pyongyang backtracks after threatening last week to send troops back to the demilitarized border between the two Koreas and to restart « all kinds of military exercises. « 
The regime’s military leadership « evaluated the current situation and suspended plans for military action against the South, » according to the note published today by the state agency KCNA.
The meeting, which took place the day before, was chaired by Kim, who holds the positions of president of the Workers’ Party and the central military commission, and served as a preparation for the V meeting of that body, to be held on a certain date. undetermined.
As a sign of this change in address, hours after the announcement, the South Korean army reported that northern officials began removing the propaganda loudspeakers that had been reinstalled a few days in front of the border.
In turn, neither the main North Korean newspaper, the Rodong, nor the state agency KCNA published articles critical of the South today, while regime-controlled websites such as Meari or DPRK have erased from their files all the pieces that censured the performance. from the Seoul Government.
The decision announced this Wednesday by Kim represents a new and surprising turn in the escalation of tension in the peninsula, motivated, according to Pyongyang, by the sending of balloons with propaganda pamphlets to the North by activists from the South.
In retaliation, the regime destroyed the Inter-Korean Liaison Office on the 15th, and then rejected any dialogue with the South and announced that it would remilitarize border posts that remained without the presence of troops under the pact signed by Seoul and Pyongyang in 2018 to advance in thawing.
Pyongyang has also announced that it is preparing to send 12 million anti-South Korean propaganda pamphlets to the South in reply to similar shipments from the South arriving in its territory.
Although these shipments technically violate the 2018 bilateral pact, analysts consider that this is an excuse for the North to re-tighten its position and press to be able to negotiate the reduction of sanctions that weigh on the country, after not having succeeded in the failed one. 2019 summit between Washington and Pyongyang.