A few months ago The agreement that WWE had made with Killer Kross was confirmed in WWE Backstage. Shortly before that we knew that her partner Scarlett Bordeaux had joined the Performance Center. They were both free agents, and the last company they worked for was Impact Wrestling. However, it wasn’t until last night that we didn’t see Killer Kross’s debut in WWE. Scarlett Bordeaux had also been there before signing, even had a fight against Nia Jax on a WWE Raw. Other than that he also appeared in an NXT segment in a backstage pitched fight.

Yesterday, in the NXT main event, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano were in the ring with Triple h to agree when they will have the fight that will end this rivalry once and for all. When everything seemed to come to an end, A cryptic video where the voice of a woman speaking Romanian was heard on the PC’s titantron. In some planes you could see the face of Killer Kross.

Who was speaking and what did he say?

As we said before, a female voice was texting in Romanian. The woman who was speaking was nothing more and nothing less than Scarlett Bordeaux, the only one who knows how to speak this language in WWE. The cryptic message she sent was hardly understood by anyone in the WWE universe. This is what Scarlett Bordeaux conveyed in her message. This is the original message:

¨¨Numai un barbat or sa castige, si daca pierzi, omul mai slab e gata. Acum sa vezi durere! Ce trebuie sa faci ca sa supravietuiesti? This one om foarte foarte periculos! Ceasul beats the miezul noptii! Sfarsitul this aproape! ¨

The translation is as follows:

¨Only one man can survive, and if you lose, the weakest person will be finished. Now you will see the real pain! What can you do to survive? He is a very dangerous man! The clock beats at midnight! THE END IS COMING! ¨

What will Killer Kross debut on NXT be like?

What could this message mean that Killer Kross has sent to Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa and Triple H? Could it be that Kross will be involved in this Ciampa and Gargano rivalry? Many are talking that Killer Kross will attack one of the two in the fight that they will have in two weeks. It could be very interesting, because Killer Kross will make a big impact on his debut if he gets involved in a feud with two of the most important faces in WWE NXT. If Triple H and his creatives give Killer Kross a Romanian gimmick, They can take advantage of the great history of this country to create very good stories in their fiefs.

What do you think of the great appearance of Killer Kross on the NXT show? Give us your opinion in the comments.

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