Kiko Rivera did it again to her mother

Nobody emailed it!

Kiko rivera his television appearances stopped cold, but the DJ started a new project. Currently, the only son of Isabel Pantoja He is immersed in numerous musical projects and his new program “En Casa con Kiko” with which he debuted in a new facet: that of an interviewer.

In the first installment of his new show, Kiko rivera has had the opportunity to have a long conversation Bertin Osborne. Although now he wants to stay out of his mother’s controversy, indirectly, Kiko he released a poisoned dart at the tonadillera during the interview with the presenter of « My house is yours. »

The DJ took care of even the smallest detail of his room and what most caught the attention of people who have seen his interview of Bertin Osborne, is the huge photograph that he has put behind him.

This detail on the wall is a memory of when Kiko He was a baby, and as the main character he has Paquirri, his father. It is an image with which the son of IsabelHe hit the table again, even though he wanted to stay out of his family drama.

Although this is not the only photo with which Kiko decorated his new interview space. On the walls you can also see some very special photos. Among them are images of Irene Rosales and his daughters, Ana and Carlota, the three most important people in your life.

During his debut on the show, Bertin Osborne He managed to move the DJ by recounting the very special memories he has with his father, just before the afternoon in which he lost his life: “He told me that he was going to retire to enjoy his wife and son. We talk about the field ”, a few words that moved Kiko.