Kiko Narváez replies to Xavi Hernández for his words about the environment of the Spanish team

07/02/2021 at 09:21 CEST

The words of Xavi Hernandez referring to the “Madrid environment” of the Spanish team, they have quickly found a replica in the figure of Kiko Narvaez, former player and now a commentator on Mediaset. The former striker charged against the former Barça captain and sent him a poisoned dart from when the ‘6 was active in’ La Roja ‘.

Asked about the criticism of Luis Enrique’s team, Xavi had spoken of the “Madrid environment of the national team”. “It seems to me that they are within normality because the environment in Spain is very critical and the press-team is not a pony. More if possible a coach who does not have Real Madrid players with the Madrid environment that is the selection … Those criticisms are going to come and you have to know how to accept them, “he said to ‘Vamos’.

His statements did not sit very well with former player Kiko Narváez, who did not hesitate to say his. “It is not relevant. It is neither the time nor the date to talk about this. I would love to sit down with Xavi and have him explain to me that environment that he did not live when he won everything”, he assured in ‘El Larguero’.

About Luis Enrique, Kiko was left half when evaluating the work of the Asturian. “Whatever happens, I think the coach has to be Luis Enrique. But I recognize that if we do not qualify it would be a stick, we are excited “, he pointed.

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