Kiko Matamoros appears in ‘Save me’ with sunglasses after suffering a new health setback

Kiko Matamoros has surprised his teammates from Save me this Thursday after appearing on the program with some sunglasses. The tertullian has suffered a new health setback, as he himself explained at the beginning of the program.

The television collaborator began to feel a strong discomfort in his left eye on Wednesday night. “It came out when I went to bed”, has revealed, as his colleagues have been concerned about his ailment.

“I think it’s an ulcer. It’s not a stye,” has valued Matamoros, who has not hesitated to show, for a few seconds, the state of his eye, visibly swollen and irritated.

Kiko Matamoros shows the state of her eye in 'Save me'.Kiko Matamoros shows the state of her eye in ‘Save me’ MEDIASET

“Yesterday I saw the episode and this morning I woke up like this. I went to the pharmacy this morning and they gave me a cream,” he said, acknowledging that he has worn sunglasses in case his condition “It was unpleasant to look at.”

On the other hand, the couple of Marta Lopez Alamo you must take care of your eyesight because you have glaucoma, an eye disease that gradually robs you of your vision.