After being discharged from the operation in which the gallbladder was removed, Kiko Matamoros was scheduled to return to the set of ‘Save me’ this Thursday, July 30. However, Kiko Hernández has surprised viewers by confirming that Matamoros had been urgently admitted due to complications, suffering severe postoperative pain.

Kiko Matamoros, transferred by ambulance

« The taxi driver has contacted me and told me that he had to jump to the traffic lights of the pain he had Kiko in the abdomen, « explained the presenter. Marta López Álamo, model and current couple from Matamoros, » asked him to run, « he added. As soon as he arrived at the El Rosario Clinic in Madrid, he was admitted to the emergency room.

‘Sálvame’ reporter Omar Suárez appeared at the gates of the center to convey the last hour about the state of health of the veteran Telecinco collaborator. Matamoros could not bear the pain, so he decided to move to this center and not to the place where they had operated on him just 48 hours before.

« I’m so screwed up »

According to the first medical examinations, Matamoros suffers from pancreatitis caused by a postoperative complication. « When they inflated, they did not clean well and the grit has shifted« The reporter explained before the concern of his colleagues on the set. Given the seriousness of the matter and, above all, his severe pain, the doctors They have decided to send Kiko by ambulance to the center where they operated on him. Kiko Hernández spoke with him and conveyed his message to the audience: « For Kiko to say that it hurts, he has to be very strong. It’s the first time I hear him say ‘I’m so screwed up‘ ».