Confinement by the coronavirus COVID-19 has sparked everyone’s imagination. Some have chosen to give their music live on Instagram, others have opted for sports at home, while more than a few have starred in fun moments with their neighbors. It is clear that fighting boredom is not easy for anyone and proof of this is what Kiko Hernández has explained during his confinement. The collaborator has told one of the moments of his quarantine in the broadcast of ‘Save me’ this Thursday, June 2.

Kiko Hernández in ‘Sálvame’

In the middle of a debate, Hernández has confessed that after confinement he and many people find it difficult to have a perception of real time for having been locked up for so long and has used the occasion to reveal an anecdote that lived in the quarantine. He was locked in his house with his two daughters Abril and Jimena, two three-year-old girls. And obviously, it is not easy for two girls of that age to be able to endure such a caliber without boredom or nerves, therefore, the collaborator had a surreal idea that made her daughters have a fun day and radically different in your home.

Hernández made Christmas come half a year ahead and that’s why he decorated his whole house with Christmas lights and the traditional tree. The goal was to entertain their daughters with something different and also excite them. He was ready to celebrate in style this special date in the middle of spring and for this reason he even held the traditional New Year’s Eve dinner at his home. In the table He sat down with his two daughters to dinner, thus living a very special night as well as surreal and it is that possibly the girls did not understand the reason why their father was celebrating that day so early.

Hernández’s hard confinement

For Kiko Hernández himself, confinement has been anything but simple and it is that already in his day, the collaborator did not want to go to work to be confined to his home with his two daughters and thus avoid any type of contagion during the health crisis. A fear that continues today and is that it should be remembered that in ‘The Last Supper’ he came with an EPI suit on to avoid any type of contact with anyone and in recent days he has made it very clear in the Telecinco program that He will exercise extreme caution until there is a vaccine. « Does it pay you to live like this? », even Jorge Javier Vázquez himself asked, to which Hernández replied bluntly: « Of course I do! »