“Kid, if you need something, here I am”

From Marcos, who already has a dozen seasons at Athletic, reached 400 games as a lion against Getafe (299 in the League, 33 in the Cup, 8 in the Champions League, 57 in the Europa League and 3 in the Super Cup). A celebration on the pitch entering the second half, leaving behind his ankle problems and the coronavirus. El de Laguardia, who ends his contract on June 30, reviews his moments in red and white with a former captain and good friend, Carlos Gurpegui (393 matches in the Bilbao team), from which he inherited number 18 after his retirement after having also worn number 10 behind him.

When he signed for Athletic, he traveled directly to the team’s concentration in Isla Canela. “The players had the day off, he received me Iribar at the hotel and then I had a lot of nerves. I gave a press conference, which I had never given in my life. I was waiting for all the players to come and I have the memory of Gurpe. When we went to dinner, he approached me and said ‘kid, they have spoken to me very well about you, so if you need something, here I am’ “, rewinds in a video published by the Bilbao club.

From Marcos remember how your first steps as a lion were. “The first year is always easier, because inertia takes you, then there comes a moment of downturn and that’s when you have to try to turn it around. At the beginning it was all very rolling, debuting with the Young Boys, a goal against Barcelona and Tromso, I went to the World Cup in Egypt under-20 … When I returned from there, everything began to change, I had lost that spark a little, they started to enter doubts … And that’s when you need more help and go all the way to the bottom to realize that you have to start over. I got it the following year despite not playing, I turned the situation around ”, he explains.

Gurpegui, with his eternal smile, he introduces a confidence about From Marcos and Bielsa, already a few years later. “Although his relationship with Marcelo did not start in the best way, in Amorebieta after having some friction with him he was not going to play from the beginning, but he saw him warm up and when we went out to the game he changed him to Flavor for him. And from that moment he played it all. It was a spectacle to see how he attacked and then how he defended ”, he says.

At that point, the one from Laguardia believes that “I think Marcelo He brought out the best sports performance from almost all of us who agreed with him. It was a luxury to have him and discover to myself things that I didn’t even know I had. Luckily, we were able to experience unforgettable nights ”. Like Old Trafford with victory (2-3) against Manchester United.

Regarding that match in which they conquered the lair of the red devils, From Marcos He says that “I hope that in what I have left I can see something that surpasses it, this year we have beautiful things so that it can be like that. But that day is indelible. Scoring a goal at Old Trafford (1-2), one from Laguardia … That is not erased ”.

The one who today is one of the captains of the squad shares how his last change of number took place, from 10 to 18. “I was already as a closed back, Muni (with 19) the crusader had been broken, he said he would like a change and Gurpe left it. Everything was perfect. Muni I had to be the 10 of Athletic and for me it would be the 18 of Gurpe it was a pride. The change was easy Muni He was happy and I’m still delighted, ”he says.

The last goal of Gurpegui, in Ipurua in March 2015, took the pass of From Marcos. “It was rehearsed,” jokes the Navarrese. “He already told me Ernesto (Valverde) that it was better when I wasn’t thinking, it came to me and without thinking I put it on, ”confesses the Alava.

The current rojiblanco 18 puts on the table about his career that “you live many things, as soon as you are with Athletic players, that when I arrived for me it was already incredible, as you are eating next to Iribar, you are back in Laguardia with your team … You do not stop. It is a constant movement that makes you discover many things in a few years ”. The race of the ‘Greyhound’.