The CV will be the first to appear from them, yes, in 2021

A majority of SUVs or crossovers are expected among the new electric

Kia has revealed through a teaser that it will launch seven new electric cars between now and 2027. The Korean company also aims to offer 11 battery-powered units just two years earlier, in 2025, in addition to achieving 25% of its sales. number of electrical units in 2029.

The electrical strategy of Kia takes shape. At the beginning of this year the so-called ‘Plan S’ was announced, which contemplated an aggressive expansion of its range of battery-powered cars until 2025. Then there should be 11 models that the Korean firm had for sale with this technology . Well, now it has been known thanks to the publication of a teaser that from now until 2027 they will be seven new electric models those that Kia present.

The Korean firm has not wanted to provide many more details in addition to the number of electric vehicles it intends to launch. However, it is known that the first of them is currently known as CV. His presentation is expected for the year 2021 and he will be the first of the seven to show his face. According to its creators, it is a vehicle that emanates DNA of the brand and that it will offer great performance both from a dynamic point of view and everything that has to do with efficiency.

If one digs a little into the revealed teaser, everything seems to indicate that four of the seven electrics that Kia has in mind are SUV or crossovers. Two others have the appearance of being compact or sedans, while the rest could be a more sporty cut vehicle. In any case, it will be the aforementioned CV that will let us see for the first time the design line that the manufacturer will follow with respect to its electric vehicles.

Kia’s new electric cars will leave the platform E-GMP –Electric-Global Modular Platform–, something that according to the president of the brand, Ho Sung Song, will allow to offer a leading interior space. In addition, Sung Song boasts of the electric sales his company has achieved since 2011. “Kia has sold more than 100,000 electric vehicles worldwide since the arrival of our first production vehicle with this technology, the Kia Ray EV. Since then we have started to introduce a range of new electrics and announce plans to accelerate this process over the next few years. We want 25% of our global sales to be electric by 2029. ”

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