Kia stonic hybrid launch in colombia

Why screw a 48-volt battery into the trunk of a small 1,225-pound vehicle, equipped with a turbocharged three-cylinder machine and 998 cubic centimeters of displacement? Isn’t that size, and the 172 Nm of torque at barely 1,500 rpm, enough arguments to show that it is an ideal mobility option for everyday life in our cities?

Kia’s answer is “no.” To make this little engine more efficient and avoid those power gaps that appear as the turbo kicks in, extra help is needed. AND if that help means saving some fuel and helping with the ignition and with the Stop & Go system, which turns off the combustion engine when the vehicle comes to rest (traffic light stops, for example), even better.

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021

They are the arguments on which the representatives of the brand in our country brought the new Stonic, built on the platform of the European Rio model, but on the assembly line of his native Korea, where it was conceived as the first vehicle of its kind designed for emerging markets, such as ours.

The arrival of the Stonic means, of course, the disappearance of the Tonic (with T), animated by a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine with 121 horsepower and 151 Nm of torque. Both are very similar at first glance, but they distance themselves from each other due to the interesting technical and technological evolution incorporated into the new model and by virtue of its aesthetics, more ‘Europeanized’, if you will.

To begin with, there is the mild hybridization motor train described above, which will appear, exclusively, with a six-speed mechanical transmission that directs power to the front wheels in the two versions programmed for this side of the world —Vibrant and Zenith— and differentiated from each other by technical and comfort aspects, but especially by the driving aids present in the best equipped proposal.

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021

This installation provides outstanding behavior, especially during accelerations, such as We were able to check in the surroundings of Sesquilé, where we witnessed the work of the electrical system that encourages the mechanical train to work in harmony and without the typical turbocharger surprises, as happens in models of the same displacement, but tied to automatic gearboxes and without the electrical help with the regeneration system present here.

The Kia Stonic even includes the Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes, so common in the examples with automatic transmission, thanks to the electric generator, which regulates its work together with the turbocharger and the combustion engine to alter throttle response between shifts.

They even told us about a kind of semi-autonomous driving mode or adaptive cruise control, which occurs if you stop accelerating when the vehicle is traveling at a constant speed and in Eco mode, and allows the generator to continue with the same rhythm as the vehicle brings without the intervention of the pedal, a maneuver that was not given to us during the tests, but that is there, according to what the spokesmen of the brand assured us.

Vibrant and Zenith feature identical six-airbag safety package, hill start assist, reverse camera with dynamic lines and sensors, automatic headlamp, forward collision alert (with emergency braking on Zenith model), disc brakes on all four wheels and Isofix anchors for child seats. The best equipped proposal adds Lane keeping alerts and, as a contribution to comfort, automatic air conditioning, high and low beam control and sunroof.

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021

Data sheet
Engine: 3-cylinder 998 cm3 turbo
Power: 118 horses at 6,000 rpm
Torque: 172 Nm at 1,500-4,000 rpm
Gearbox: 6 mechanical gears
Electrical system: 48-volt alternator-generator with lithium-ion battery
Front-wheel drive

84 Million pesos costs the Kia Stonic Vibrant, the only one that rolls at this time in the country. It will be accompanied by the Zenith model in the short term.

Outwardly, the halogen (Vibrant) or LED (Zenith) light units stand out with DRL for daytime lighting and a bodywork that is 4,140 millimeters long, 1,760 wide and 1,520 high with roof rails, sitting on a black molding. located 180 millimeters from the ground and supported on 16 or 17-inch hoops.

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia

Kia Stonic

Comfortable and basic interior
A nearly flat floor and plenty of head and leg room are highlights of the Kia Stonic’s cabin. Of course, it sports rustic plastic finishes to the touch and fabric-covered seats in both versions and includes an Easy Smart entertainment center with an eight-inch touch screen and telephone connectivity via Bluetooth, with Android Auto, CarPlay and MirrorLink, USB port and a sound installation (provided by a local provider) coupled with four speakers and two tweeters.

The 48-volt battery is located under the floor of the 352-liter trunk (1,155 with the rear seat back down 60/40), which means that the new Stonic does not include a spare tire, but a ‘temporary mobility kit’ which will serve to alleviate eventual punctures.

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021

Kia Stonic 48v hybrid in Colombia 2021