Kia has exposed the possible design of its new launch through a digital sketch that reveals the brand’s trends

The fourth generation of the Kia carnival, better known in Mexico as Kia Sedona, cooking is already beginning, and as a preview, Kia motors showed the first image of the vehicle to be presented in the boreal summer of this 2020.

The Kia flagship van will arrive in its fourth generation based on the heritage of its predecessors in the segment of MPV medium-sized, however, it will adopt new changes that will make it look stronger and more elegant, in addition to adding new futuristic details and an SUV-inspired design.

As part of Kia’s identity, the van will feature the iconic parrilla grilltiger noseIa by Kia accompanied by high-tech headlamps that connect with the taillights through a line running down the side.

Design sketch of the new Kia Carnival / Sedona.
Credit: Courtesy Kia.

According to the Windshield portal, the new Carnival or Sedona will begin marketing in South Korea in the third quarter of 2020, and global sales in many of the Asian automaker markets will continue thereafter.

The current Carnival model, belonging to the third generation, is offered in an EX 2.2 diesel version with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and the following prices: $ 52,990 dollars for the Full version; $ 56,990 dollars for the Premium version; and $ 62,990 for the Premium version with roof.

The Kia Sedona has been named by its creators as a Great Utility Vehicle and it is focused on young progressive families seeking a combination of innovation, flexibility and style.

So far, more details of what will make up the Kia flagship are unknown, as well as the starting price and motorization, but without a doubt, the Kia Sedona will be an excellent mobility option for large families.


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