Kia will provide a new autonomous driving technology to its next cars in Mexico providing greater safety when driving

Kia seeks to equip its cars of technologies that allow sustaining autonomous driving, which is why it has decided to implement a new platform called Drive WiSE and which will be present in the models Sportage, Stinger, Niro and Optima available in Mexico.

Drive WiSE enables smart safety innovations to be introduced to future cars KIA. With it, you help eliminate many of the risks on the road, providing greater safety on the road and a pleasant, uncomplicated ride.

Kia Technology Drive WiSE.
Credit: Courtesy Kia.

According to the Tech Games portal, these are the main functions it provides Drive WiSE:

. Automatic emergency braking

It slows down the car or stops it completely if it detects potential danger on the road, including pedestrians and other vehicles.

. Lane Keeping Assist System (LKA)

This system alerts the driver when you accidentally stray from the lane. In case the driver does not react, the system turns the steering wheel to resume the trajectory.

. Blind Spot Detection System (BSW)

Monitor blind spots and send a visual alert in the side mirror in case some other vehicle is at that spot.

. Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

The front collision warning system foresees a possible collision with the front vehicle and sends an acoustic and visual warning to the driver if the front car suddenly brakes, helping to avoid a frontal collision.

. Smart cruise control

It displays the distance from the vehicles in front and if the established safety distance is not maintained, it reduces the speed of the car or stops it until the front vehicle advances.

. Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

The lane departure warning system issues visual and audible warnings from the screen, alerting the driver if the driver accidentally strays from the lane.

. Blind Spot Detection (BSD)

This smart technology feature monitors blind spots and visually alerts you in the side view mirror if another vehicle enters a blind spot.


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