Kia has launched a new online tool that allows you to find attractive offers for
some of their most popular models

Finding a car at a low price is the dream of every buyer and now Kia makes it possible with its new platform Kia Outlet. Through the website of the brand, customers can check the price “turnkey”, that is, cars Available immediately at the nearest dealer.

As part of the sales strategy, all the vehicles in the Kia Outlet fully benefit from the 7 years warranty factory that the automaker offers in all its models.

This proposal arises from the need to offer new sales alternatives after the contingency for COVID-19, encouraging the automotive industry to maximize the digitization of its purchasing and service processes.

Credit: Courtesy Kia.

â € œThe demands of the consumer himself were already advancing by leaps and bounds in this direction and for this reason we wanted to give them a service adapted to their needs. More than 95% of buyers visited the websites or Social Networks of the brand, dealers or motor magazines before making the final purchase decision. In the same way, the negotiation process was being transferred to the digital environment, the potential buyer was looking for the best offers by sending the dealer his request for a quote through various forms of digital contact or using specific price comparison platforms that have experienced a spectacular boom in recent years, â € he noted. Rafael Alfà © rez, Marketing Director of Kia Motors Iberia.

Kia It has not been indifferent to the growing demand from its users to collate cars online, and through this new tool, Kia Motors allows the web visitor to find attractive offers on some of the Kia models that can become a True bargain.

KIA Sorento 2021
Credit: Courtesy KIA

According to the Valencia Cars portal, Kia Outlet It will become an essential service for potential buyers, who, in case they are interested in a specific vehicle, can fill out a simple form to request a reservation.

The data is transferred in real time to the Kia Customer Service Center, who will contact you and put you in touch with the corresponding Official Kia Dealer, who will inform you about the procedures to close the purchase.


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