Kia seeks to provide mobility solutions to its customers and is already thinking of developing a new low-cost electric model for personal use in Europe.

It is no secret to anyone that cars Koreans have a great prestige of quality and excellent value for money, therefore Kia It has been placed among the favorite brands in Europe and it is increasingly common to see the signature models circulating on the streets of this continent. Kia.

After his arrival in Europe, Kia has decided to take a step forward and plunge fully into the contest of the electric city cars, models that are intended for drivers who will only use them in large cities and who want to bet on sustainable driving.

According to the El Desmarque portal, one of the reasons why Kia has decided to bet on the production of these models has been the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused many people to see private transport much safer than public transport.

“People want to feel safe today. We saw this very clearly during a survey conducted after the coronavirus in China. It showed that people had moved from public to private transportation. The reason is because they feel unsafe on public transportation. I think if people had a choice in London, they would choose to drive their own car, “he said Emilio Herrera, Director of Operations for Kia in Europe.

For this reason Kia He is already beginning to think about developing a new urban and low cost model, a mini car that could be a strong competition for Dacia.

“We are already studying a proposal to have very small micro-cars for urban use, we see real potential in it. The vehicles we are targeting are 100% electric with a small range, but are only used in an urban environment, ”explained Herrera.


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