Kia EV6: the new electrified Kia

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Torres

A few weeks ago we presented the new Kia EV6, a crossover with avant-garde design that will arrive in Spain at the end of the year. The Korean firm has set itself a very ambitious goal: to take advantage of electrification to become a benchmark of the automotive industry. To do this, it has revolutionized its image, its design philosophy and its business strategy. This change is palpable through its new logo, cleaner, more minimalist and neater than ever. An emblem that will appear, for the first time, on the front of the new Kia EV6. East sleek and futuristic crossover lines marks a before and after for the signature, which will use the EV designation for its electrified vehicles. Also new is the E-GMP architecture on which this electric SUV will be built and which is also used by its distant cousin Hyundai Ioniq 5, one of its rivals alongside the Tesla Model Y or the Ford Mustang Mach-e.

This platform offers a wide range of possibilities, starting with the remarkable 2.90 meter long wheelbase. At first glance, the Kia EV6 seems longer and larger than in images, something that we could see during the national presentation of this novelty. Its final dimensions are 4.68 meters long by 1.88 meters wide and just 1.55 meters high, so we will have to have a good garage for the EV6. There has been a long talk about its design, both for the evolution of the front tiger nose with respect to current Kia models and for its curious volume behind.

Another advantage of these modular architectures is the possibility of mounting more or fewer motors, accompanied by batteries of more or less capacity. In the case of the Kia EV6, we can choose between two types of batteries, 58 or 77.8 kWh, and the traction can be total or rear depending on the number of electric motors present in the running gear. This leaves us a vehicle to the taste and needs of the buyer, with powers ranging from 170 hp to 585 hp and autonomies of 400 to 510 kilometers. We tell you more about our first impressions in the gallery.

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