Khloé Kardashian lowered her pants and showed her dental floss, to show that there is no Photoshop

Kim Kardashian has her makeup brand, Kourtney has specialized in the wellness sector and Khloé Kardashian has found her identity as the ‘athlete sister’ after starring in an impressive physical transformation around 2016 that left the viewers of his reality show – and the rest of the world – with their mouths open.

For this same reason, the appearance a few days ago of a photograph of her in a bikini without the usual filters or retouching, which was shared on social networks without her consent, has caused a great stir. Now the celebrity has wanted to explain why his team mobilized to try to ‘bury’ said image, claiming that he has spent a lifetime “suffering for his image” due to cruel comparisons with the rest of the women in his family.

“When someone takes an unflattering photo of you in poor lighting or that doesn’t capture your body as it is after you’ve worked so hard to get to this point, and then share it with the world, you should have every right to ask that it not spread, regardless of who you areKhloé has pointed out.

The businesswoman also wanted to film herself in front of the mirror completely naked except for a flesh-colored thong to show her natural body, and has even encouraged herself to take a few jumps to show the firmness of her muscles.

The truth is, the pressure, teasing, and scrutiny to be perfect and meet other people’s standards for how I should look has been too much. ‘Khloé is the fat sister.’ ‘Khloé is the ugly sister.’ ‘His father cannot be his real father because he looks so different.’ ‘The only way I have lost so much weight must have been surgery’… Should I continue? ”, He added to give a few examples of the comments he has had to endure.

On the other hand, Khloé plans to continue using “a good filter, a good lighting and an editing here and there” in her photographs because, for her, it is the same as putting on makeup or putting on some heels to present herself to the world as she wants to be seen. .

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