Khan to leave DAMWON at the end of the year for compulsory military service

The year 2020 in League of Legends ended in a round way for DAMWON Gaming, LCK champion who managed to amaze the whole planet and ended the year by taking his first World Cup and returning the reign to his country.

A historic team that achieved glory in League of Legends and, despite everything, ended the season with « bad » news: one of its stars, Nuguri, left ship to head to the LPL and reinforce FunPlus Phoenix.

His replacement was nothing more and nothing less than Khan, an exchange of cards since he came precisely from the Chinese group and came to replace a delicate drop in DAMWON.

And the results speak for themselves: DAMWON KIA goes 9-1 in LCK with an overwhelming dominance over the rest of the teams, in what appears to be one of the main contenders for Worlds 2021.

Nevertheless, Khan will leave DWG at the end of the season, and not for sports performance, but for obligation; dYou must complete the military service imposed in South Korea and, therefore, it will have to retire before 2022.

This was stated in a interview with Naver, ensuring that you have to join military service at the end of the year, ensuring that his main motivation is to win Worlds before it, and fulfill your goal in League of Legends.

In South Korea, all citizens between the ages of 18 and 28 must serve a minimum of two years of military service, although artists can fulfill it after 30 years. In this case, it appears that Khan will not request it or will not be granted it.

It is not the first time that something like this has happened in the professional scene of LoL, with cases like FORG1VEN, Apdo or Ambition retiring to perform the military service of their country.