KFC offers free Moderatto concert

A free concert from a CDMX heliport is crazy in the middle of the Covid 19 pandemic.

KFC will broadcast online a concert by the rock band Moderatto and will have special guests.

The goal is to promote two of its star products: the bucket and the megabox.

Starting at 6:30 p.m. this Friday, November 20, 2020, KFC will broadcast the free Moderatto concert live to boost its KFC Rockstars campaign.
With this marketing strategy, it seeks to connect Moderatto fans with its two star products, the bucket and the megabox.
In recent days, Colonel Sanders’ company launched a dynamic on social networks so that only 22 lucky people could be present at the live concert, in order to continue with the social distancing measures that the CDMX authorities have implemented in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
Winners had to submit a story with their rockiest pose in order to be selected.
The KFC and Moderatto concert will take place from a CDMX heliport, how the fried chicken company has progressed by sharing some of the rehearsals. A spectacular production with fireworks, lights and lots of rock is expected.
To see the KFC and Moderatto concert you must click here.
If you fancy a chicken with Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe, you can order it at home.

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Moderatto is a Mexican rock band, created as an alternative project made up of musicians from other bands. It was formed in 1999 at the initiative of Jay de la Cueva, Cha! and Iñaki Vázquez (former members of the Mexican group Fobia), as well as by Randy Ebright (member of Molotov) and Marcello Lara (El Gerente).
It has a parodic, mocking style of 80s Glam metal bands.

It is not the first time that during the Covid 19 pandemic different brands take advantage of streaming concerts to advertise themselves.
Such is the case of CitiBanamex, which offers its cardholders discounts of 30% in events via streaming.
Although it also offers exclusive presales and monthly payments without interest so that you do not stop enjoying your favorite events, once it is possible to return to the massive face-to-face events.
Ticketmaster and Ocesa created TicketmasterLive, a platform through which singers and bands in Mexico will have their concerts via streaming.
The ‘Irrepetible’ concerts, which is how they are calling distance concerts, already have some confirmed artists such as Moenia, Mijares, Molotov and Flor Amargo.

Without a doubt, the Covid 19 pandemic has revolutionized the world of marketing to give options to continue enjoying entertainment in a safe way for your health.