KeyWe intends to start its intensive day on Nintendo Switch

A new cooperative type multiplayer points towards the hybrid console, it is KeyWe, the result of the collaboration between the independent companies Sold Out and Stonewheat & Sons, which leads us to a most peculiar post office, specifically managed by the most diverse animals, and of course the most efficient in turn. It is a puzzle game based on multitasking activities, where the most important thing is to coordinate well so that postal shipments go on time to their corresponding destinations, join forces with someone else to ensure that their main monkeys fulfill their mission. At the moment there is no exact launch date, but it is estimated, as reported by the same companies mentioned above, that for spring It will be dropped both digitally and physically, for now we have its tender presentation trailer to whet your appetite:


KeyWe Trailer (Nintendo Switch)


KeyWe is a cute cooperative postal puzzle starring Jeff and Debra, two little kiwi birds who work in a fantastic post office. With no hands to help them, they must jump, flap, peck and bang their way through an interactive landscape of levers, bells, and buttons to receive those messages on time.

Confront dangerous postal environments and navigate seasonal dangers as you navigate the various Telepost mail rooms, and team up with a friend to help these adorable Kiwis complete their tasks, no matter the weather. Unlock new accessories to customize your kiwi and become the best dressed mail bird in Bungalow Basin.

Key features

Mail Room Chaos – Take on the role of a kiwi bird working the mail and team up with a friend to write telegrams, send urgent messages, send packages, and keep mail flowing.

Cute and Chaotic Co-op – Share yourself on the couch or search online.

Equally cute gamer: control both kiwi birds in a single controller to go on a solo mail service adventure.

Hazardous Postal Environments – Navigate post office counters and shipping rooms to become a master of the mail service.

Seasonal Nonsense – Find hazards caused by winter weather, fall thunderstorms, and more on the way to becoming postal professionals.

Customizable Kiwis: Change the color of your kiwi feathers and unlock new accessories, because kiwi birds look cute in hats!




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